Is your health on solid ground?
Habits for a solid foundation.






Our Mission:

1) Raise awareness of methods that promote health, longevity and weight control.

2) Provide resources that lower the human and financial cost of health care.

3) Encourage people to take an active role in achieving better health.



Website information is based on the authors 30 years of hospital, clinic and school based service in Canada, Australia, Barbados and the United States.  She has lived in each of these countries and is now residing in New Zealand.

Our information doesn't substitute for medical care. We encourage becoming informed about any drug, surgical procedure or other medical option. Consider speaking to others who have undergone specific treatments. Most people have better outcomes when they play an active role in their care. 

Avoid making significant changes to diet or activity levels without qualified supervion (especially if you're taking prescription medication for diabetes or other disorders).

" I have come so that you might have life, and have it more abundantly." Jesus Christ