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Click item below for larger image. Visual evidence for Corinne's 30 years experience in health education and counselling (Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist). See recognition for "Innnovation in Diabetes Education" and Boehringer Mannheim Award. Corinne earned Dean's honors for her masters thesis on food and hormones (letter below). Read 5 star reviews at  ("Feed Your Need" book). Further information below photos.  

1) Queen's Degrees, Canada          2) Nursing Science Degree          3) Masters (thesis:  Diabetes - Food / Hormones), Australia          4) Canadian Certification in Diabetes Education       5) Boehringer Mannheim Award for Diabetes Project (won $5,000)          6) Australian Diabetes Education C.E.C.          7) Australian Diabetes Education Certification             8) New South Wales Nurses Registration           9) American Diabetes Association 53rd Annual Scientific Sessions.      10) Royal Prince Alfred Diabetes Course, Australia          11) Post Graduate Dean's Honor List (Masters Thesis - Food / Hormones)       12) Letter from Dr. Amir Hanna, Endocrinologist, Toronto Canada re: work as a Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist          13) Hospital News: Recognition for Diabetes Project (Research Paper), Australia         14) Hospital News: Recognition for "Innovation in Diabetes Education", St. George Hospital, Sydney Australia          15) Seton Hospital, Austin, Texas, U.S.A. - recognition / appreciation for 5 years of service.   

From her book - Feed Your Need :  

About the Author  

Corinne Peachment holds 5 degrees*, including a Science degree from Queen’s University, Canada and a Masters degree from Australia. Her postgraduate food and hormone related research earned Deans honors. In 1991 she was the Clinical Educator for the Division of Medicine at St. George Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Further work involved eight years as an RN and Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist in two hospitals, including a University of Toronto affiliated teaching hospital.

She has worked closely with endocrinologists from South Africa and The Middle East and has been an invited speaker at diabetes conferences in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Her outstanding efforts in health education won a $5,000 award of excellence from the Australian division of Boerhinger Mannheim. She lives in New Zealand.
* BA (psychology), BPHE (Bachelor of Physical and Health Education), BEd (Bachelors in Education), BNSc (Bachelor of Nursing Science) from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.  MEd (Masters in Education - Post graduate reseach: multi-sensory learning in Diabetes Education - Dean's honors) from University of Wollongong, Australia.
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