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“Safest Bioidentical Hormones ... Guaranteed.”
 What could be safer and more logical than replacing EXACTLY what your body has lost? Use 100% natural, bioidentical hormones, not synthetic drugs. 
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Be Aware - If you’re taking Premarin, Prempro or other synthetic hormone you’ll want to carefully consider this common sense report: 
Dear Menopause Sufferer,
You know the drill… suddenly out of nowhere you start to “burn up” – as if you just walked into an oven.  You get hot - very hot. You turn up the air conditioner, fighting over the thermostat with your co-workers and family members.
At night it’s worse. You’re waking up drenched in sweat – sweat that just won’t quit. Wringing wet, it’s another night of lost sleep… changing the pillows, the sheets, your bed clothes just so you can get some much needed rest.
And when your husband tries to be intimate – you just can’t. Vaginal dryness makes that all but impossible.
Sound Familiar?
It should, because millions of women just like you suffer through these same symptoms every day, putting their lives on hold for months or even years on end – waiting for their menopause to end and their condition to finally get better.
But you know… the sad, sorry fact is this:
You’re Suffering Needlessly!
That’s right. All the discomforts, pains and misery you thought were a normal part of aging actually aren’t. You can now go through menopause problem free, and the best part is… you can do it safely, naturally and without the side effects (or the hassles) of powerful prescription drugs.
My name is Dr. Andrew Jones, Medical Director of the Women’s Health Institute of Texas.  Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio – addressing millions of other women suffering from a host of female health issues – menopause included.
What Exactly Is Menopause?
Simply put, menopause occurs when your ovaries stop making hormones – especially the estrogens.  When this happens, you start experiencing the classic triad of menopausal symptoms:
  • Hot flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Vaginal Dryness
In some women it starts in their mid 30’s. Other’s go through menopause in their late 40’s or even 50’s. Your body is slowing down the production of female hormones as your child bearing days come to an end.
Premarin Used To Work… Until Proven Unsafe
If you go to the Premarin website, you’ll notice Premarin is touted as containing conjugated estrogens.
This is disingenuous at best, patently false at worst.
Premarin and its counterpart PremPro contains estrogen-like hormones – not the bio-identical hormones found in the female body.
So what’s the difference? The body treats the stuff found in Premarin as a foreign substance. Sure, it mimics the naturally produced hormones in alleviating menopausal symptoms – but that temporary relief comes at a price:
Premarin and PremPro have since been proven to cause heart disease, strokes, breast cancer and declining mental functions.
Stop The Premarin, Start The Anti-Depressants?
Doctors don’t know what to do. If you complain about the dangers of Premarin or PremPro, they’ll prescribe you anti-depressants. 
Of course, this doesn’t work. You feel like a zombie, and the symptoms you tried to prevent are still there!
Herbs, Black Cohosh and Snake Oil?
Of course, where’s there a buck to be made, aggressive marketers are always nearby, promoting herbs like black cohosh and soy based products. These simply don’t work - you might as well be taking snake oil.
You’re Not Depressed, Just Estrogen Deficient!
You’re body doesn’t need anti-depressants. It doesn’t need fake, laboratory created pseudo-hormones. It doesn’t need mumbo-jumbo herbal mixtures.
It needs the real thing: Bio-identical estrogen. You're just steps away from feeling better.
Replenish your Estrogen - Naturally and Safely
Of all the health issues women face today, menopause is probably the simplest and easiest condition to treat. Quickly, easily and without the need for a medical prescription or expensive clinical visits.
Why not give your body what it really needs?  Give it what it’s craving – practically screaming for:
Mother Nature’s own bio-identical estrogens. 
Interested? Even slightly curious?
Learn How to Cure Menopausal Symptoms
Product details (bottle ingredients) will be displayed when you follow the links below. This includes exact dosage change for getting off Premarin or other synthetics. You'll see all information, before purchase.
So, Replenish your body's own estrogen with bio-identical (real human) estrogens without a prescription (for as low as $19/month)
It Works… In Just One Day!
In just 24 hours – one short day you’ll see the change.  No more hot flashes. No more night sweats. No more vaginal dryness. All of these will be a thing of the past.
Sincerest regards,
Andrew Jones, M.D.
Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas
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You'll be glad you did.
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