Have you had enough of costly government rules that keep growing and keep trying to control your life?

Please watch these 3 short videos. We promise that the few minutes will be well worth your time.

Since 1913 this banking cartel has spent huge sums of money to purchase print media (major newspapers and magazines), TV networks, motion picture studios and other institutions.

They have tremendous influence over what is taught in Universities and public schools. Anything that can sway the minds of the masses has been a target for these ultra wealthy bankers. And remember, they are masters of deception. Most people are unaware of how they're being tricked. They use scientific and sophisticated methods of control.

Dr. Ron Paul has been writing about these deceptive elitists for almost 30 years. He's been demonized by mainstream, cartel owned media. Consider voting for, or at least looking more closely at this honorable man. He's fought long, hard and tirelessly for YOUR LIBERTY

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