Wings of Ink on the Sky of Time
Corinne Peachment Poems



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Courage is the staff of life

A well from which to drink

When sadness fills your heart and mind

And tempts your knees to sink


When rising up is such a chore

And emptiness abounds

There's still a flame that flickers there

A strength from which you’ll find


An ever-ready voice to sing

So strong and true and brave

Beyond the bounds of fear and loss

Peace, love and hope will save


As long as breath is flowing free

And there are dreams to dream

Let nothing crush the light within

Your soul is what it seems


Forgive the ones who do you harm

Let go of all that’s past

Then faith and joy will fill your heart

With actions meant to last






Not about beauty

Not about grace

It’s the spirit within

That shows on your face


No matter the age

No matter the race

It’s just those expressions

Right there on your face


It mirrors your thoughts

It mirrors your soul

It shows what you’re thinking

Your purpose, your goal


We search for the smiles

We search for the praise

But we find it within

It’s the gift of our gaze


So each person you meet

Choose smiles and grace

And riches be yours

Right there on your face





Devil Downs


From time to time the spirit falls

The lights do dim down narrow halls

Heavy is the burden born

Of leaden weight, so joy is torn


The mind does reel in pain and grief

All future fades, as autumn leaf

No peace upon the heart does come

Solutions searched add up no sum


Which way to turn, be here or there

The soul is raw, exposed and bare

Yet life line is that all things pass

These devil downs cannot but last







Flow of life, what does it mean?

A phrase of truth, or so it seems

It fills our heart with boundless joy

With purpose, meaning, never coy


It happens when we lose ourselves

In love of task, creation gels

Time does fly and boredom cease

We soar on wings, as wild geese


Approval isn’t in the game

We do it for the love of same

We care not what the others think

Oh challenge is the thing we drink


Our goals are set, we know the score

It never feels like such a chore

Pain and gain does not compute

All senses keen, they’re never mute


We feel it deeply in our soul

We dare not quit, we’re on a roll

And when we find it, oh what peace

Our restless searching now does cease


But where to look and where to start

The answers are within your heart

Fear not the leap, and as you go

The rocky path gives gift as FLOW


Inspired by "Finding Flow" ...

By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi




What Lasts?
All things pass, they do not last
Not glory, gold nor fame
And loves we grieve when ‘er they leave
Will happen yet again
The fashion clothes and finest silk
We treasure, hold and wear
Are here for now to gaze upon
But fabric too will tear
The mortar holding bricks so fine
Will crumble in the breeze
The jewels of life, possessions all
Are here until they leave
Our children too are in this world
We think they are our own
But they have paths apart from us
Our soul is not their home
Yes all we love and cherish now
Like grains of sand in time
Will slowly sift away from here
As does this passing rhyme
Yet hold so tight and cling we try
To that which cannot be
For change is like a rushing stream
Towards the deep blue sea
So cling not to the things of life
Let go to ease your mind
Be present in the moments now
And joy you’ll surely find
Yes love and peace are here for you
And freedom from all fear
Your life is now, so present be
All wants are surely near
Then seek his will, in perfect praise
Your gentle heart to heights be raised
‘Tis true and tried and all you need
Yes only love will last … in deed






              City Soul


Barton Springs, oh well of life

Pond aside from common strife

Peaceful waters sing your song

Ripples short and ripples long


Skies above this Texas spring

Sun or shadows, do they bring

Air so warm and breezes too

In my heart you slowly grew


Muse of many, bathers lean

Underground a bubbling stream

Clear and clean your waters flow

Edwards Aquifer below


Jewel of Austin, gem so rare

Make the people see and care

A city soul, one can’t replace

Save Barton for the human race







To daily wake without a plan

Is not the way that's meant for man

To sway and fro from here or there

No purpose bound, without a care


Yes man was made for better things

To reach the sky, to soar on wings

To feel the joy of hearts aflame

To risk and dare, to play the game


O'er hurdles high and hills galore

We never know just what's in store

The pain is there, and failure too

But heed not fear and fear not you


For there's a force beyond the sky

It's always present, always nigh

It kindly guides us when we ask

For strength of will to do the task


So daily wake and set your plan

That's the way that's meant for man

To strive ahead with purpose true

Embrace the task and follow through






             Second Half


Mid way through our life we find

A restless rumble in our mind

We wonder what will drive us on

To find a purpose, sing our song


Nature now has had her way

She’s told us what to do or say

No longer must we reproduce

Oh focus drive, now gently loose


The second half is clear and clean

A slate of white, a willing stream

We’ll paint our way with joy and find

A wealth of spirit in our mind


It longs and waits within for thee

It speaks of joy, an open sea

The moment now, today is here

A time to find your passion clear


But how to do it, where’s the way

Past failure, trial, pain, some say

It matters not, how you begin

Seek love of task, and dive right in


And as you swim, the waters show

The love of life and where to go

Your spirit soars, you’re in the flow

You’ve found the golden seeds to sow


Creation currents never end

There’s always more around the bend

You’re never finished, never there

Til heaven bound, without a care






           Sensuous Cyprus


Mountain peaks, rolling hills,

Smooth and firm, no winter chills

Warm and lazy, sleek as silk

Taste as honey, nature's milk


Past the single satin sheet

Lovers there do slowly meet

Wrapped among the gifts galore

Unaware of what's in store


Maze of music, senses high

Find her there, oh spirit fly

Rise to heights n'er known before

Cyprus leaves you wanting more








Life is but a rainbow

Life is but an arc

It rises high beyond the sky

On ribboned wings to help us fly


But colors are illusions

Colors we perceive

Like problems, pain and sorrow

They’re here, but then they leave


The rainbow rises slowly

O’er stubble, hills and rock

And souls can lose their footing

When clinging to the flock


For herds lead not to water

Herds lead not to life

The soul alone must find its path

Through challenge pain and strife


So climb the rainbow, rise on high

And heed your heart to bluer sky

When goals and dreams are yours alone

Sweet taste of honey, flute the tone


Yes life is but a rainbow

Life is but an arc

The colors are illusions

That bind us to the flock


So follow what’s within you

Despite what others say

And splash your paint, oh break the mold

Tis then you’ll find your pot of gold








Is being alone so very bad,

Or only if it makes you sad?

For sadness is a state of mind

A feeling that you need not find


The world says mingle, pair and chat

But being as one, what's wrong with that?

If in your heart creation blooms

And ne'r be darkness there to loom


Those empty faces in the crowd

Their endless chatter, soft and loud

Is there a greater joy than mine

In bringing forth this simple line?


And are we ever really one

Upon this earth, beneath the sun?

Or is there constant warmth and love

If sought in silence from above


So being alone need not be bad

Unless, alas, it makes you sad

But sadness is a state of mind

A feeling that you need not find.







What is pleasure, what is joy?
Not food, nor lust, nor TV toy
These be short lived, easy fare
Passive tasks that take no dare


They lead not to fulfilling peace
Creation spirit there does cease
They're just a ploy, a horrid lie
They cause the soul within to die


Some think the easy way is right
Stay in, be safe, we need not fight
But struggle, risk and effort bare
A nectar sweet, delicious fare


Relax and rest do play their part
Renew the body and the heart
Yet idle long and you will find
A restless aching in your mind


So fear not struggle, fear not pain
And light will beam beyond again
Seek well the challenge, seek it now
For this is living, I do vow






Within You


Creating is the joy in life

Creating is the way

Creating makes us one on earth

It’s in you every day


To let it out, to let it flow

To show it light of day

It’s everything we need on earth

It’s sunlight, every ray


When handed any sorrow

When given every pain

It’s the never changing face of love

Creation, that’s its name



I don’t recall the things of love
A smile warm from up above
A tender hug, caress or kiss
Such things as these were left amiss
Where were the eyes so pleased with me?
The caring glance I longed to see,
The joy and laughter of a home
Were merely dreams and that alone
Fear and worry, pain and grief
Were felt as drying autumn leaf
No safety of the hearth be there
Mere empty souls, could not but care
As they too lacked the skills of love
Felt not the warmth from up above
So blame is futile, blame is naught
The answer to this rhyme thus sought
But somehow in these words of woe
My heart finds peace, in writing so
The lines of memory, here and there
Give solace to my heart laid bare
And pity not the current state
As that was then and now is late
To change the past or wish for more
Tis better think, of what's in store
And what's in store is great indeed
For love provides my every need
And hearts alive can surely fly
So stride, shall I, with head held high




We’re here to serve the poor and ill

To care for all and help until

Our mission here on earth is done

And we have witnessed for the son


He’s given us a humble task

And filled our soul with love to last

For spirit leads along the way

With wisdom for each passing day


Respecting all who came before

Rejoice in challenge, need not more

Creative venture, humble toil

Compassion, service, heavens soil


Accepting life, and all that's here

We’re called to do, and will not fear

For strength of purpose from above

Comes through our hands in endless love



The Meadow
Beyond all different points of view
Past conflict, blame and sorrow too
There is a meadow.  I'll meet you there
On the warm grass, where souls at peace repose
And the world is a perfect place.






" I have come so that you might have life, and have it more abundantly." Jesus Christ